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N Acetyl L Tyrosine

400 MG

Amino acid

Acetyl-L Tyrosine is used to make dopamine, the neurotransmitter of brain energy. It is the direct precursor of dopamine. Dopamine provides additional bite in the areas of the brain called "reward circuits", which allow us to nourish the motivation needed to get into action. The prospect of the satisfaction generated by the goal to be achieved and the work accomplished is facilitated. 

L-Tyrosine allows us to have more brain and physical energy. We can perform greater amounts of work with more energy and intensity.

We can access our brain and physical resources much more easily. The effort appears much easier.

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60 capsules

Professor Henri Laborit, a famous neurophysiologist, has studied L Tyrosine extensively in stress and inability to act. Pr Laborit has studied stress and the different phases that can lead a person to exhaustion and depression.

Chronic stress depletes dopamine, the molecule of desire and action. The body and mind find themselves unable to find a solution. The individual finds himself in what Pr Laborit calls: Inhibition of action.

It is a real blockage of body and mind, summed up by the expression Fight or Flight = combat or struggle.

Depletion of dopamine (the neurotransmitter of motivation) reserves by repeated and chronic stress will induce a behaviour of psychological slowing down and disinvestment (loss of vital momentum).

Tyrosine helps to overcome and reduce the so-called adaptation phase where the body overuses its resources to adapt to a stressful situation and begins to burn out.

Supplements facts Serving Size : 4 capsules : N Acetyl Tyrosine 1600 mg, Vegetal Capsule (HPMC)
Suggested use Adults, as a dietary supplement take 1 or 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch
Quantity 60 capsules
Weight 29,4 g