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Moduloplex ®

100 MG

Moduloplex is an extract of Pinus Massoniana, a variety of bark from a tree of the Pine family (Pinus Massoniana). The ancestral use, then the works of Pr Bouic clearly showed that the main constituents and in particular sitosterol exert a regulating activity notably on the immune defences and the resistance of the organism.

Moduloplex Unessence contains 20% sitosterol, the major active ingredient capable of triggering a sufficient response from the body.

It regulates the body's response upwards when it is insufficient. It also moderates the excessive vigour of the body's defences when an aggression persists and leads to deregulation between the different actors of immunity. The Moduloplex regulates the recruitment of macrophages, lymphocytes and Interleukin-2.

Moduloplex is a very powerful antioxidant with a strong free radical scavenging effect. It neutralizes free radicals that are very toxic for the cells of the body, such as the superoxide anion. Moduloplex also inhibits the aggression of free radicals on the fatty acids that protect our cell membranes.

> The Moduloplex has a strong affinity with the extra cellular matrix such as vessels and collagen, which it strengthens and protects.

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90 capsules

Supplements facts 30 mg de stéarate de magnésium végétal, 100 mg d’extrait de pinus massoniana titré à 20% de sitostérol, gélule Gastro Résistante (HPMC)
Suggested use 2 gélules le matin et 1 gélule le soir avant les repas.
Quantity 90 capsules
Weight 16,2 g