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32% de Silybines

A plant with exceptional properties for the protection of the liver, silymarin protects and revitalizes liver cells. It allows the liver to fully exercise its filtering and detoxifying functions throughout the body.

It has the particularity of regulating the permeability of the cell membrane of liver cells and significantly decreases markers of inflammation, such as COX-2 and nitric oxide (NO).

It also has protective properties on many other organs such as the brain, pancreas and kidney.

Silymarin represents a family of 5 isomers of flavono-lignans: Silybin A, silybin B, isosilybin, silydianin, silychristine.

Silybins A and B are the most potent and account for 30-50% of silymarin.

It is important not to confuse Silymarin with milk thistle. Silymarin is a concentrate of active ingredients (silybins in particular) present in large quantities and found in small quantities in milk thistle.

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Silymarin, a true ally of the liver

Silymarin is a plant with powerful protective properties for liver cells. It cleanses toxins from the liver and the whole body. It prevents intoxication and fouling of the body. Silymarin:

  • regulates cell damage and decreases membrane aggression (lipoperoxidation) of liver cells

  • stimulates the synthesis of new proteins

  • stabilizes the iron molecules that are stored in the liver: iron can quickly become, in excess, an inducer of cellular aggression and oxidation.

  • Maintains the integrity of the liver cell membrane to prevent the entry of toxic molecules.

  • regulates the excessive transformation of satellite cells of the liver (reservoir of cells with high proliferation and differentiation power) into myofibroblasts (newly formed cells integrated into liver tissue)

  • stimulates the formation of glutathione (antioxidant n°1 located inside each of our cells)

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In addition, silymarin allows a better management and decomposition of fats in the diet, and prevents the deposition of trans and saturated fatty acids in the liver cells.

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Protection against micro-organisms

Silymarin protects liver cells against the penetration of micro-organisms. She intervenes to interrupt:

  • the life cycle of the micro-organism

  • the sequence of entry and fusion with the liver cell

  • virion replication in the host cell (liver cell)

  • virion production in the host cell (liver cell)

Blood sugar disorders

Silymarin regulates blood glucose disturbances by increasing the expression of the glucose transporter (GLUT4). Silymarin allows the rapid assimilation of sugar stagnant in the blood stream into the cell.

It increases the sensitivity to insulin of all the cells in the body so that they always have access to the fuel essential to their functioning, namely glucose.

The body's energy level does not fluctuate due to unstable blood sugar levels and slowed liver function.

Supplements facts 300 mg d’extrait de silymarine standardisé à 32% de silybines, gélule Gastro résistante (HPMC)
Suggested use Adults, as a dietary supplément take 1 or 2 capsules before the 3 meals
Quantity 90 capsules
Weight 36 g