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Plant from the traditional pharmacopoeia of Ghana and the Amazonian forest of Peru. Desmodium Adscendens has a special protective activity on the liver. It is a protector of liver functions. Its activity and effectiveness make it a natural product of reference to support and strengthen a fragile and maltreated liver.

The Desmodium enjoys great popularity in Europe. This allows it to be adopted by many health practitioners (acupuncturists, naturopaths, bio-energy specialists).

The liver is a major organ of detoxification. It is an organ whose functions extend beyond the digestive sphere. The liver takes charge of internal toxins from food and metabolism that reach it from all over the body, as well as toxins such as synthetic molecules and various pollutants.

Desmodium Unessence is a real concentrate. It corresponds to a 10:1 ratio of Desmodium Ascendans.
> This means that one capsule (200 mg) of Desmodium Unessence corresponds to 2000 mg (200 mg x 10) of Desmodium usually found on the market.

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90 capsules

Desmodium has a strong antioxidant activity. It regulates aggression, damage to liver cells caused by micro-organisms, alcohol, environmental toxins, oxidation (excess oxygen), and radiation.

Desmodium provides protection against the various aggressions that the liver can undergo. It also has a powerful detoxifying activity. It allows us to cope with the many dietary excesses and increases the liver's ability to cleanse and eliminate various toxins and toxins.

Desmodium contains two natural molecules with regulatory and detoxifying functions:

  • leafhoppers 

  • vitexin


D-pinitol is a flavonoid from the family Les ciclitoles. These are constituents of the cell membrane. They take part in the regulation and transduction of the signals emitted and received by the cell. They regulate the channels located on the cell membrane, whose function is to facilitate the passage of ions.

D-pinitol activates and facilitates GLUT 4 (glucose transporter) in liver, muscle, and fat tissue. It enables the conversion of glucose into glycogen and the storage of glucose.


Vitexin is a very important antioxidant:

  • it regulates a major antioxidant, Nrf2, which has an initiating and stimulating action on many internal antioxidants.

  • it reduces malondialdehyde, a marker of the aggression of the essential fatty acids that make up the membranes of our cells, particularly in the liver, brain and kidney.

  • it regulates lipofuscin, an intracellular pigment that is a sign of aggression, fouling and then dysfunction and aging of cells and disability.

The liver is a major organ of detoxification. It is an organ whose functions extend beyond the digestive sphere.

Antioxidant Action

Desmodium increases the levels of our main antioxidants, the true protectors of our cells:

  • Glutathione

  • Superoxide Dismutase

  • Catalase

Supplements facts Serving Size : 6 capsules : Desmodium extract, ratio : 10/1 1200 mg, Rice powder  960 mg, Vegetal capsule (Pullulan)
Suggested use Adults, as a dietary supplément take 1 or 2 capsules before the 3 meals
Quantity 90 capsules
Weight 39,60 g