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Ma Peau is a complex with a unique and liposomal formula rich in powerful active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen
  • SOD
  • Copper

The skin is the largest organ of the body. An authentic endocrine gland, it is the mirror of our deep organs. It is the protective interface between the sterile interior and a highly polluted environment. It constitutes a hydrolipidic barrier.

The skin is subjected to multiple daily aggressions that lead to the following disorders: loss of elasticity, loss of volume, wrinkles, atrophy of the dermis, hypertrophy of the cutaneous adipose tissue, skin slackening, brown spots, decrease in the volume of the lips, shading under the eyes, bags.

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The My Skin Complex has been specially designed by Unessence to meet the needs of women of all ages. It allows the regeneration and protection of the tissues making up the epidermis and dermis. Ma Peau is intended for remodelling and volumising the epidermis and maintaining the contour of the face.

Its prodigious formula makes it possible to :

- regenerate the major components of the skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid -
promote the growth factors of the epidermis with copper -
protect the structures of the dermis and epidermis with specific antioxidants

For greater efficiency, the active ingredients of Ma Peau are included in a matrix of liposomes for optimal intracellular diffusion.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate beauty product for women. A real cellular and nutritional matrix, hyaluronic acid draws the contours of the face, brings radiance and gives a luminous complexion. An excellent moisturizing product manufactured by the body, hyaluronic acid prevents loss of curves and volume in the face, lips and neck and produces deep dermal remodeling.

A natural gel, hyaluronic acid moisturizes and fills in wrinkles deeply, especially on the forehead and around the lips. It deeply nourishes the subcutaneous spaces and improves by 65% the severity of the lines around the lips. 
Providing hyaluronic acid also boosts the skin's natural functions of assimilation and elimination. It erases scars, and actively participates in the healing of wounds and burns.

Type 1 marine collagen

The surface of the skin is represented by the epidermis. Under this first layer is the dermis, essentially made up of collagen. The skin is made up of fragile viscoelastic structural materials such as collagen, a real matrix on which hyaluronic acid will be included. Scientific studies have shown the importance of Collagen as an anchoring structure allowing epidermal cells to bind to the basement membrane thanks to its triple helix molecular structure.

The collagen content determines the thickness of the dermis. Over time the loss of collagen is more and more important. The intake of Collagen allows an increase in the density of the dermis. It prevents fragmentation and degradation of the collagen network in the dermis. There are several types of collagen. The work of Professor R.E. Burgeson of the Harvard Skin Biology Research Center was awarded the Grand Prize in Cosmetology.

The functions of Collagen are to provide the skin with :

  • elasticity
  • strength
  • suppleness
  • hydration
  • shrinkage power

Collagen revitalizes and regenerates the skin, provides elasticity and suppleness, reduces the aggression of the epidermis by the sun's UV rays and reduces skin dryness.

  • Expression lines, crow's feet and nasolabial folds are reduced and filled in
  • Hair thickness and elasticity are increased
  • Nail strength is significantly improved

Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids. Glycine is the most abundant amino acid, representing 1/3 of the collagen content. The amino acids Proline and Hydroxyproline together account for 23% of collagen. 
A study conducted on 69 women aged 35 to 55 years who received 2.5 or 5 grams of collagen showed a significantly higher level of skin elasticity in the Collagen group after 4 weeks.

Copper, unique collagen stimulant

Copper is a trace element of major importance for the beauty of the skin, and firms slack, damaged skin. It improves the elasticity, density and firmness of the skin. Copper is an indispensable catalyst for the synthesis and stability of collagen. This is a triple helix structure that needs copper for protection and growth.

Copper allows the survival of basal stem cells in the skin. These represent a breeding ground for new cells ready to differentiate and multiply into new keratinocytes in the epidermis under the action of copper. It accelerates the healing of skin wounds, reduces wrinkles, UV damage and rosacea. Copper also reduces hyper-pigmentation of the skin.

> Epidermal growth factor

The difference between old or damaged skin and young skin lies in the presence and activity of growth factors such as fibroblast growth factor (FGF). It stimulates and accelerates the proliferation, migration, differentiation and survival of embryonic cells. 
Copper stimulates the activity of the Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) at all stages of life, repairs and regenerates.

SOD: a major antioxidant

SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase) is a natural antioxidant manufactured by the body that is on the first line of defense to intercept aggressive molecules (free radicals) directed against the skin. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory action designed to neutralize the effects of oxygen, UV from the sun, environmental pollution, smoking, sugar, trans fatty acids. One puff of cigarette smoke causes, in particular, the formation of a thousand billion free radicals with devastating consequences for the skin.

SOD is the No. 1 scavenger of the most toxic of free radicals (single electrons), the superoxide anion, which it neutralizes before it attacks hyaluronic acid and collagen. It prevents fibrosis and sclerosis of the skin cells. It is an excellent skin protector and regenerator. It prevents thinning of the skin and severe atrophy of the dermal connective tissue and subcutaneous fat tissue.

SOD protects the epidermis from UV rays and free radicals following exposure to the sun and the resulting inflammation. Like tanning, it represents an attempt to adapt to an aggression and cellular destruction.


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Supplements facts Serving Size : 2 capsules : Hyaluronate Sodium (Hyaluronic Acid 95%) 400 mg, Type I Marine Collagène (from Fish) 200 mg, Soy Lecithin ( 30% Phosphatidylcholine), Copper Bisglycinate 15,94 mg (Copper élément : 12,4%), (SOD) Superoxide Dismutase (Cantaloupe Melon extract 14 000 UI/g) 20 mg, Vegetal capsule (HPMC)
Nutritionnal analysis Copper : 1,98 mg (198% daily value)
Suggested use Adults : as a dietary supplement take 2 capsules at bedtime
Quantity 60 capsules
Weight 38,88 g