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Laminaria Japonica

150 MG

10 % Polysaccharides

Laminaria japonica Unessence is a brown algae rich in 10% polysaccharides. It has been used for centuries for its great capabilities:

  • revitalizing
  • invigorating

The marine environment concentrates many polysaccharides, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes, which are essential for the balance of the thyroid. These many elements, especially polysaccharides, will counteract the tissue condition that dominates in our industrialized societies, namely tissue acidosis. This is triggered by stress, diet, environmental pollution, heavy metals and leads to demineralisation and devitalisation of the thyroid.

Laminaria Japonica provides energy because the nutrients present promote cell respiration and thus an optimal combination of nutrients in the mitochondria. This is the area of each of our billions of cells, a veritable "energy stack", responsible for manufacturing fuel through a succession of enzymatic steps requiring the presence of polysaccharides, mineral salts, trace elements and enzymes.

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120 capsules

Laminaria, energy and acidosis

Polysaccharides restore the energy level of the cells because they decrease the lactic acid levels in the cells. The lactic acid produced during exercise, after a day's work or stress will lower the pH of the cells and acidify the intracellular environment. It will no longer be able to produce the final fuel resulting from the degradation of food, namely ATP. Tissue acidosis indicates a state of "energy failure".

Under-oxygenation and under-vascularization of tissues occurs, which can occur in the brain, muscles, heart, vessels and arteries.

This acidosis leads to a rigidification of the red blood cells. The capillaries cannot deform so that they can move through the fine network of capillaries and thus supply the depths of the tissue with oxygen.

Protection of cell membranes

It regulates the basic metabolism, i.e. the rate at which the body burns calories to enable all organs and cells in the body to perform all their functions at an ideal and sustained rate. It prevents the slowing of the thyroid, so common in women. It allows the thyroid to restore oxygen and vitality to the mitochondria, the energy stacks of all the cells in the body.

Supplements facts Serving Size : 1 capsule : Laminaria Japonica (0,1% Iodine : 0,150 mg ; 100% Daily value) 150 mg, Polysaccharides (10 %) 15 mg, Rice powder 230 mg,Vegetal capsule (pullulan)
Nutritionnal analysis Pour 1 gélule : Iode : 0,150 mg soit 100% des VNR* * Valeurs Nutritionnelles de Référence
Suggested use Adults : as a dietary supplement take 1capsule before breakfast
Caution Do not use if you suffer of thyroid troubles
Quantity 120 capsules
Weight 55,20 g