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Boswellia Serrata

200 MG

30% d'AKBA

Boswellia, rich in AKBA active ingredients, soothes the body's excessive reactions to bones, cartilage and joints. It also acts on hypersensitivity at the level of the cell membranes of the lungs, intestines and colon. It relieves joint tension and provides flexibility, comfort and joint mobility.

The boswellia is a tree that grows in India from which a resin is extracted. It is a reference product in Ayurveda, India's age-old traditional healing system. Other great civilizations such as Persian, Babylonian, Roman, Chinese and Greek traditionally used boswellia.

Scientific studies tell us that the effectiveness of boswellia depends on its content of active ingredients called AKBA. 
Boswellia Unessence has the particularity of containing 30% AKBA.

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60 capsules

Mechanisms of action

The mechanisms of action of AKBA's active ingredients explain the effectiveness and the wide scope of application of this magnificent plant.

Boswellia's AKBA active ingredients act on a key lever by regulating a class of aggressive molecules called lipoxygenase-5 (LOX-5). These are mobilized when joints or other tissues are attacked, devitalized or perceived to be so, and will thus exercise their aggression and destruction-promoting activity. A situation in which aggression and chronicity are combined reflects a paralysis and an incapacity of the actors in charge of detoxification to reach a definitive resolution.

The active ingredients AKBA of boswellia extinguish the virulence and the self-sustained reaction of aggression, hypersensitivity and fouling :

  • bones, cartilage, joints and many tissues throughout the body

  • membranes of the intestine and colon

  • brainwise

The boswellia to the rescue of the joints

The body's reactions are often an excessive and clumsy attempt to neutralize toxins and toxins. When the body is unable to manage them, a healthy inflammation momentarily sets in. Nevertheless, if it persists over time, the presence of pro-inflammatory molecules such as LOX-5 that are found at much too high levels will attack the tissues, maintain the aggression in a loop and lead to tissue destruction.

The active ingredients AKBA of boswellia will intervene to exert a soothing action on bones, cartilage, joints and many other tissues. At the joint level, AKBA acids reduce the degradation of glycosaminoglycans.

Boswellia and aggression markers

AKBA's active ingredients also regulate the production of :

  • pro-inflammatory cytokines

  • transcription factors

  • growth drivers

  • enzymes and signaling pathways that guide the cell life cycle 

In order to fight effectively against aggressions that become phenomena of self-aggression, it is indispensable to act against :

  • Lipoxygenase 5 (LOX-5).

  • Cycloxygenase-2(COX-2)

  • the NFKappa B

  • TNF (tumour necrosis factor).

These mediators trigger and maintain the body's first and often excessive reaction leading to the aggression and wear and tear of bones, cartilage and cell membranes throughout the body.

Akba acids and brain fouling

The active ingredients AKBA from Boswellia reduce the aggression and fouling of brain cells:

  • by decreasing NFKappa B and 5-lipoxygenase...

  • by increasing NrF2 (key regulator of the antioxidant defence of cells and inducer of the extinction of self-aggression)


Pharmacy Department. Xijing Hospital. Fourth Military Medical University Xi'an. 2016

Supplements facts Serving Size : 6 capsules : Boswellia Sérrata extract (30% AKBA) 1200 mg, rice powder 480 mg, hypromellose capsules (HPMC)
Suggested use Adults, as a dietary supplément take 1 or 2 capsules before the 3 meals
Quantity 60 capsules
Weight 21,60 g