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Mes Cheveux

Hair growth

MSM - Fucoïdan - Fucus - Zinc

Mes Cheveux is a complex designed to energize and stimulate hair regrowth. It contains natural active ingredients that bring shine, volume, shine and relief to dull, devitalized, tired hair. The formula's constellation of essential and structuring nutrients nourishes hair from within and is a true growth enhancer.

My Hair, Essential Nutrients:

  • MSM : real matrix designed to model and integrate Keratin
  • Fucoïdan : marine nutrient stimulating stem cells and optimal hair growth
  • Fucus : algae rich in primary nutrients that can be seized by growing hair
  • Zinc : essential trace element, hair growth factor

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Our hair expresses much more than an aesthetic aspect, it reflects our vitality and our reserves. The quality, texture and length of hair determine the capital and resources available for use by the body. 

If a slight daily loss is completely normal, it should not exceed 70 to 100 hairs per day. Hair loss as well as a dull and devitalized appearance are not only a sign of stress, but above all of the need for a supplement rich in mineral salts and basic trace elements capable of alkalizing the soil. Wanting to give shine or volume to the hair with hair care products means, as for the skin, a surface dressing.

Hair consists of approximately 100,000 hair follicles. The hair life cycle is divided into four phases:

  • growth phase: anagen
  • regression phase: catagen
  • resting phase: telogen
  • loss phase: exogen

The nutrients in My Hair allow the 4 phases of the hair's life cycle to fully unfold by promoting growth and minimizing natural hair loss.

MSM, Hair Matrix 1

MSM is an assimilable sulfur, the number one constituent of hair. 
Hair contains large quantities of sulphur, an essential mineral salt that gives structure and shine to the hair. 
MSM is a high quality sulphur that increases the length, thickness and density of the hair. It is the reference product for growing hair. It acts as a detoxifying agent to bring more shine to the hair fibre. It powerfully strengthens the most important protein in the hair, keratin, and thus strengthens the hair structure. It helps to improve the ground that the scalp is and on which the hair evolves. It stimulates hair regrowth and integrates into the hair fibre where it models keratin. 

Sulphur gives the hair viscoelastic properties that allow the hair keratin to adapt to the stresses that may be imposed on 
it :

  • thermal constraints: high temperature, hair dryer
  • environmental constraints: pollution (heavy metals), acid rain
  • mechanical constraints: traction during permanent or straightening
  • chemical constraints: colouring, dyeing, etc.

Wrack, remineralizing algae

Rockweed is an algae with high nutritional value, rich in mineral salts, trace elements, phlorotannins, natural pigments, carotenoids, polysaccharides. The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly turning to rockweed to develop new anti-mycotic products for the scalp. Indeed, phlorotannins have fungistatic and fungicidal activity on fungi (dermatophytes) and parasites that colonize the mucous membrane of the scalp, which can lead to loss of hair, volume and elasticity. 

Diet, environmental pollutants, heredity, lack of care or inadequate care of the hair impoverish the hair, leading to the appearance of acidic soil. These factors represent a real aggression for the hair which, to protect itself, adopts a defense mechanism: inflammation. 
The acidity and inflammation of the scalp literally prevents the oxygenation of the bed and the vascular network that must supply the nutrients that nourish the hair. This leads to under-vascularisation and vasoconstriction of the hair, which can no longer benefit from the highly nourishing effect of the growth factors provided by the blood network.

Hair loss and inflammation of the hairHair
loss is an inflammatory terrain in the scalp. The phlorotannins in the rockweeds will diminish and extinguish this flare-up that leads to hair loss. Rockweed significantly decreases pro-inflammatory and destructive cytokines such as NO (nitric oxide), PGE2 (prostaglandin 2), COX-2 (cyclooxygenase-2).

Hair loss and acidic soilThe rockweed
, naturally rich in mineral salts and alkaline and basifying trace elements, provides the primary constituents of the hair. The global deficiencies of the organism crystallize and materialize visually at the scalp level but reflect a weakened and devitalized ground. With the phlorotannins, mineral salts and trace elements of rockweed, the enzymatic reactions essential to hair synthesis and growth can be fully exercised.

Fucoidan, active regrowth

Fucoidan, present in certain algae, is a powerful stimulant of stem cells but also a real regulator of cell division. 
It prevents the anarchic proliferation of cells and promotes hair growth and regrowth.

Fucoidan enables the stimulation, release and proliferation of stem cells capable of regenerating tissues in the body that are suffering or at rest. It stimulates hair growth through the recruitment of growth factors SDF-1 (stroma cell derived factor 1), EDF (Epidermal Growth Factor), FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor).

Fucoidan stimulates the angiogenesis and vascularization of the scalp to create new vascular networks to supply and nourish "abandoned" areas and spaces. The blood vessels can thus transport nutrients, minerals and growth factors to the scalp.

The fucoïdan extracted from rockweed has a molecular weight of 3000 daltons which makes it suitable for optimal stimulation of the scalp. During the growth phase, fucoidan stimulates the activity of specific pigments and enzymes in the follicles so that the hair retains its original colour.

Zinc, essential trace element

Zinc is an essential oligo element, a real growth factor for all cells and particularly for hair. It actively participates in the synthesis of DNA and RNA, nucleic acids that initiate the production of the body's cells. Thus it triggers the growth and renewal of cells and especially of hair. All cell growth processes require the presence of zinc. This is why it is indispensable when active hair regrowth is desired. A scientific study carried out on 312 people (men and women) with alopecia shows a zinc deficiency in all cases of alopecia.

Supplements facts Serving Size : 2 capsules : MSM 400 mg, Zinc Pidolate (Zinc élement 20,9%) 40 mg, Fucus Vesiculosus (Fucoidan 40%) 375 mg, Shilajit (Fulvic Acid 20%) 400 mg, Rice powder, Vegetal capsule (Pullulan)
Nutritionnal analysis For 2 capsules : Zinc : 8,36 mg (83,6% daily value), Iodine : 1,3 mcg (0,86% daily value)
Suggested use Adults, as a dietary supplement take 2 capsules before breakfast
Quantity 60 capsules
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