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Magnesium Taurate

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Magnesium Taurate is the best magnesium salt and carrier capable of filling deficiencies and restoring the markers of a magnesium deficiency. The extent of stress in our industrialized societies is intimately related to magnesium deficiency and taurine leakage.

Many products on the market only release magnesium ion into the bloodstream. They are unable to pass through the lipid-rich membrane of the cell and deposit magnesium inside the cell.

The difficulty to assimilate magnesium inside the cells and to avoid its leakage during stressful situations imposes the association with taurinate. 

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Many magnesium specialists and scientific studies stress the role of taurine as a magnesium fixative. The very close molecular structures of taurinate and magnesium allow each to enhance the assimilation of the other.

An additional particularity lies in the acetylation of taurine, which changes the polarity of this amino acid and makes it much more fat-soluble, allowing better diffusion and assimilation of magnesium through the cell membrane, especially those of the brain. The monograph carried out on Taurinate by the scientist Huxtable describes it in particular as a membrane stabilizer. It prevents physiological or psychological stress from disturbing the inner balance of the cell and driving out magnesium.

The effectiveness of a magnesium salt can only be measured by its ability to deposit the magnesium ion inside the cell.

Essential functions of magnesium taurinate

Magnesium Taurate, as a membrane stabilizer, has the essential functions of :

  • transporting and depositing magnesium inside the cell

  • keep magnesium inside the cell during physical or psychological stress

  • prevent magnesium from escaping out of the cell

The assimilation of magnesium is regulated by 3 cellular "messengers":

  • taurine

  • adrenaline

  • insulin

A scientific study was carried out on rats for 13 weeks to compare the effectiveness of different salts or magnesium carriers such as: taurate, pidolate, aspartic acid, lactate, gluconate, chloride.

The results of this study show a superiority of taurinate over other salts in bringing magnesium to the interior of the cell. Intracerebral assimilation is clearly superior with taurinate compared to other magnesium salts.

A second scientific study published in the journal Magnesium Research on neuromuscular hyperexcitability compared magnesium taurinate, magnesium pidolate, magnesium chloride and vitamin B6. Magnesium Taurate reduces clonic and tonic convulsions and abnormal locomotor behaviour by more than half, whereas the other salts have only a moderate action.

Magnesium Taurate functions

  • NMDA glutamate receptor antagonist

  • ABM Agonist

  • Calcium channel blocker

  • Norepinephrine (Norepinephrine) Blockade


Physiology department. Dokuz Eylul University. Izmir. Turkey. 2019 

Supplements facts Serving Size : 6 capsules : Magnesium Acetyl Taurate 3000 mg 3000 mg, Magnesium 204 mg (54% daily value), rice powder 240 mg, vegetal capsule (pullulan)
Nutritionnal analysis Pour 6 gélules : Magnésium : 204 mg soit 54% des AJR*. *Apports de référence
Suggested use Adults, as a dietary supplément take 1 or 2 capsules before the 3 meals
Quantity 60 capsules
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