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Holy Basil - Tulsi

300 MG

2,5% Acide Ursolique

Holy Basil is a plant traditionally used in the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. It is the symbol of the holistic plant par excellence. It is indicated in emotional disorders, inner tensions and on the architecture of sleep. Holy Basil, rich in ursolic acid, also has powerful antioxidant properties. It also regulates blood sugar levels as it protects liver function.

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Sacred basil and emotional balance

Holy Basil regulates inner tensions and sleep disorders because it acts on an inhibitory brain neurotransmitter called GABA. It acts by slowing down the excessive electrical activity between neurons. GABA impresses a feeling of well-being and relaxation throughout the body and mind.

Holy Basil tempers overreactions and the runaway brain functions. It allows you to take a step back.

In stress tests, Holy Basil restores downtime and inhibition.

Holy Basil and sleep

Holy Basil regulates sleep by reducing cortisol in particular. It is the marker of stress, alertness and inner tension. It is important that cortisol be low in the early evening in order to allow the GABA to exercise its inhibitory activity on wakefulness functions.

Holy Basil and brain protection

Holy Basil has a protective effect on brain function. It acts on a specific area of the limbic zone called the hippocampus. It records our memories and the circumstances of these events.

Holy Basil increases the density of pyramidal and granular cells located in the horn of Ammon 1 and 2 and the toothed gyrus at the hippocampus. In evaluation tests, sacral basil improves reaction time and reduces the number of errors.

Antioxidant activity

Holy Basil has powerful antioxidant activity. It protects tissues and cells from the aggression of free radicals thanks to its ability to stimulate the levels of two major antioxidants: glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD). In scientific studies, these two antioxidants represent the two markers that allow us to evaluate the levels of effectiveness and protective capacities of the molecules tested. Holy Basil significantly increases the levels of glutathione and superoxide dismutase and thus protects tissues and cells from the aggression of free radicals. This protection is exerted on many organs such as the brain, liver and kidney.

Sacred basil and liver

Holy Basil provides significant help to enable the liver to perform its many functions. It regulates blood sugar levels because it protects, strengthens and detoxifies liver cells. It allows a better management of carbohydrates and fast sugars by the liver. The liver is the storage organ for sugar reserves. Holy Basil allows the liver to better store the universal fuel for all the cells throughout the body. Nevertheless, our diet favours the consumption of fast sugars and this weakens and damages the liver cells. These, as well as the brain and muscle cells will "shut down" with the umpteenth carbohydrate intake. The sugars will accumulate in the bloodstream and the liver will not have the fuel to fuel a fully functioning organ or cells.

The liver also avoids the accumulation of many toxins and toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, various pollutants, synthetic molecules). It is the body's "filter".

The liver takes charge of the molecules and toxins that reach it from all over the body, breaks them down, and does the work of elaboration and assembly for certain organs such as the brain and thyroid. It also ensures a function of decomposition and elimination essential to the organism: alcohol, synthetic molecules, vaccines, pollutants, female hormones during monthly cycles...


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Supplements facts Serving Size : 6 capsules : Holy Basil (1,8% Ursolic Acid) 1800 mg, vegetal capsule (Pullulan)
Suggested use 1 gélule 3 fois par jour à avaler avec de l’eau.
Caution Do not use for a long period
Quantity 90 capsules
Weight 34,2