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Emotionnal balance

Plant native to the tropical forests of Central and West Africa, griffonia has the particularity of containing the active principle and direct precursor of serotonin, 5-HTP (5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan). With 5-HTP, the brain produces more serotonin, the most important neurotransmitter for regulating our mood and emotional balance. 
Serotonin prevents stress from taking hold, wears us down and destabilizes our identity. Serotonin acts as a true mood regulator. It makes you feel good.

Stress and life's trials and tribulations lower serotonin levels. Serotonin controls mood, emotional sensitivity, inner tension. It allows us to regain balance, self-confidence, and a centering of our personality.

Griffonia increases the internal production of serotonin but also melatonin. It allows you to obtain a restful sleep and improve the quality of sleep.

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90 capsules

The increase in serotonin leads to a stimulation of BDNF (Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor), a real neuronal growth factor that allows :

  • the creation of new neurons

  • the maturation of new neurons

  • the connection of new neurons to existing neurons

University of Pavia. Pavia. Italy. 2010

Serotonin acts as a growth factor for neurons. Scientific studies carried out at Princeton University by Harry Jacobs and Casimir Fornal have shown that activation of a type of receptor, that of serotonin in the rat brain, increases the creation of new neurons. 
Jacobs and Fornal explain that the factors influencing the creation of new neurons in the hippocampus (the area of memory and emotions) are crucial because they show us why emotional balance can be disrupted, and why we recover with serotonin stimulants.

Griffonia and food drives

Griffonia (5-HTP) controls emotional but also food drives.

Food intake and the feeling of satiety are largely regulated in the brain by serotonin levels.

Excessive food intake or vice versa usually reflects internal stress with low serotonin levels.

Very many people have serotonin levels that are barely sufficient to interact with others at a minimum, but insufficient to express the full range of their personality in all its nuances. Serotonin brings self-confidence and serenity.

Human Nutrition and Dietetics Section. University of Pavia. 2012

Supplements facts Serving Size : 4 capsules : Griffonia Simplicifolia (33% 5-HTP : 400 mg ) 1200 mg, Magnesium Stéarate 40 mg, Vegetal capsule (HPMC)
Suggested use As a dietary supplement take 1or 2 capsules 30 minutes before diner and 1 or 2 capsules at bedtime.
Caution Do not take this herb if you use antidepressants
Quantity 90 capsules
Weight 35,10 g